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The network wants to work closely with teachers and advisers to help them encourage young people with the ability to study further but who may not have considered that path.

The events section has details of specific events intended to support some of the under-represented groups the network are keen to engage with to give them the opportunity to explore higher education as an option. This section is a useful resource for teachers and careers advisers with links to information and guidance to allow you to help them.

If you would like to find out more please contact us.


We are running a survey for teachers and advisers to gather information about how easy it is for schools to access outreach activities from colleges and universities. There will also be a chance to share your ideas for new outreach activities.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey




For classroom resources on a variety of topics including student finance and applying to university (UCAS):

Classroom Resources


For more information on careers and subject specific information:

Careers and Subjects


For more information on universities, courses and how students can apply:

What is higher education?


For more information on apprenticeships and other options:

Alternative Education Routes


For more information on all things finance:

Fees, Funding and Finance


For more information for those who may need additional support e.g. care leavers or students with a disability:

Additional Support


For information on widening participation and HE research, policy and statistics:

Research, Policy and Statistics


Other Networks

If you are visiting our website from another area of the country you can find information about your local NNCO Network here.

You can also find information about the National Networks which are offering advice at the national level and work with the local networks. These are:

The National Network for the Education of Care Leavers – This network focuses on information and resources for care leavers, and all those that support them, about progression to higher education.

The Open University NNCO – The main focus of this network will be to serve adults looking for simplified advice and guidance on all the non-traditional routes to and through higher education and will include informal to formal journeys.

Oxford & Cambridge Collaborative Network – This national collaborative network offers the opportunity to ensure that schools are fully aware of the support available from the two universities.